Platinum Status Sustainability Membership

Platinum Status Sustainability Membership



Annual Platinum Memberships Include: 

•Green Business Certification & Clickable Seal on your website tracking your progress towards sustainability – clients and stakeholders love following this!

• (12) Monthly Press Releases published on your behalf, one within 30 days of enrollment: Regional & National Media Exposure, branding and marketing to highlight your journey on the path to achieving sustainability.

• (4) Quarterly Waste Stream Audits, one within 30 days of enrollment

• (12) Monthly Data Analysis & Summary Reports

• (2) Bi-Annual Supply-Chain Sustainability Analysis Reports

• (1) Annual Corporate Sustainability Report within 30 days of enrollment

• (4) Quarterly ESG Reports (Environmental, Social, Governance)

• Policies and Governance Initiatives

•Employee Training (Knowledgebase, Education, Guides, and Templates)

• 6-Week In-Person Employee Sustainability Workshop

• Social Responsibility Initiatives & Scorecard

• Governance Initiatives & Scorecard

• Assigned Sustainability Analyst/Coach

• Marketing/PR Materials – we help you spread the word about your commitment to sustainability

By adopting sustainability in your business operations, you can enjoy numerous benefits:

• Enhanced brand reputation

• Increased customer loyalty and satisfaction

• Improved operational efficiency and reduced costs

• Greater employee engagement and morale

• Regulatory compliance and risk mitigation

• Innovation and competitive advantage

At MMT🌱 we are eager to help you achieve your sustainability goals and we look forward to working with you!

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