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Experience the convenience of Done-For-You sustainability management solutions with advanced data analytics and user-friendly cloud-based navigation. Empower your team to prioritize achieving your sustainability objectives.

At MMT, we are committed to promoting sustainable business solutions, empowering organizations to minimize their environmental footprint, maximize resource efficiency, and drive a positive change in society.

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About MMT

Our Clients' Success Translates to a Greener Planet

MMT is devoted to reducing landfill waste by implementing effective recycling programs, promoting waste reduction, and encouraging responsible disposal methods. Our holistic approach to eco-friendly waste management not only benefits the environment but also enhances your business’s reputation and ensures a healthier planet for future generations.

To support corporations in their sustainability journey, we offer a wide range of tailored sustainability management services. These include in-depth sustainability audits, detailed Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reports, carbon offset solutions, engaging employee training, and meaningful community outreach programs.

Moreover, we are proud to offer our 3rd-Party Green Business Certification, which recognizes and rewards your company’s commitment to sustainable practices. As a Certified Green Business, you will receive a clickable, interactive seal to display on your website. This seal not only showcases your dedication to sustainability but also tracks your progress towards achieving your environmental goals.

By partnering with MMT, you can ensure your business becomes a powerful catalyst for positive change in sustainability and a proud leader in environmental stewardship.

Commercial recycling waste management

A Comprehensive Waste Stream Audit Can Provide Cost Effective Solutions

An unbiased, independent expert management team is essential for businesses of all sizes. We help you lower your environmental impact and reduce costs. 

Waste Stream Audit Report

Waste Stream Management Services

As a business, we understand that waste management can be a complex and challenging task. That's why we offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Our team of experts works with you to design a waste management plan that reduces your environmental impact and promotes sustainable practices.

Solid waste trash management
Solid Waste

Proper management of commercial solid waste is essential for businesses to reduce their environmental impact and comply with local regulations.

Commercial recycling

Recycling of commercial materials is essential for businesses to reduce their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Commercial food waste management
Food Waste

Effective management of commercial food waste is crucial for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable food system.

Hazardous waste disposal company
Hazardous Waste

Safe and compliant hazardous waste disposal solutions to help businesses mitigate their environmental impact and ensure regulatory compliance.

Happy Clients

We are committed to providing exceptional waste management and recycling services that meet the specific needs and expectations of our clients. Our dedication to sustainability, innovation, and client satisfaction has earned us a reputation as a leading waste management company nationwide. But don’t take our word for it – read what our clients have to say about their experience working with us in the testimonials below.

“I have been working with MMT for the past year and have been blown away by their exceptional service. As a business owner in Austin, Texas, I am committed to reducing my environmental impact, and Manage My Trash has been an invaluable partner in achieving that goal. Their team worked closely with me to design a comprehensive waste management plan that includes recycling and composting programs, and their reliable and timely service has made the process seamless. I highly recommend Manage My Trash to any business looking for eco-friendly waste management solutions.”
Connie - Business Owner
Austin, Texas
“ManageMyTrash has made waste management a breeze for our company, and we are proud to partner with such a dedicated and environmentally conscious team.“
Adam Brooks
Los Angeles, CA

Join us on our mission to make the world a greener place, one business at a time.

Contact us today to learn more about our eco-friendly commercial waste management or hazardous waste disposal services and start making a difference.

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